GRACE USA Browning HG-5 fits A-5 Tang Mainspring Triggerplate Carrier Screws


Set of three Grace USA Gun Care Screwdrivers, custom made for screws found on the Ruger Single Action. These Screwdrivers feature hollow ground tips and ergonomic, hardwood handles. They are specially designed for the unique screws on a particular firearm, but are suitable for a variety of gunsmithing applications. The handles are turned from quality Maine hardwood and protected with a smooth finish. Set packaged in a Nukaf case. Stores neatly in your gun cart or ammo box.

Made in USA

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Grace USA 5 Pc Browning Screwdriver Set is accurately Hollow Ground to fit Browning A-5 tang, mainspring, front and read triggerplate, and carrier screws. This set is precision manufactured and hand assembled entirely within the United States, and is designed specifically to serve the needs of both professional and hobbyist gunsmith. Each screwdriver is constructed of USA 8650 Chromium-Vanadium steel alloy blades, and features a black oxide-finish and is precision made for snug fit between the driver and fastener that minimizes the potential for damage to the screw head when torque is applied. Handles are composed of turned Maine hardwood, topped off with a nickel-plated steel ferule. Packed in a vinyl pouch. 100% made in the USA.Screwdrivers are very thin and are normally either loctited or corroded.Use kroil or some other lubricant on the screw before trying to loosen it.

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