R. Murphy Wellfleet Oyster Knife Schucker


The blade – 2 ⅝” perfectly hardened, ground and polished high carbon stainless steel, pointy and sharp yet tough, requires little force to ease between the shells at the hinge. A simple twist of the wrist, a quick cut of the abductor muscle and the oyster is yours.

●The handle – Bubinga, brass riveted to a full tang, vacuum infused to increase stability and water resistance. The wood and brass are polished manually – enhancing the wood’s smoothness and beauty and the brightness and mirror of the brass. Long and thick, it is sized, shaped and contoured to compliment the blade and nest comfortably in your hand.

These knives are versatile and work well on most small to medium East & West Coast oysters. You will appreciate the quality and workmanship of these “pearls” every time you open an oyster.


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Weight 0.6 lbs


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